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The atmosphere is complete when you have the right table setting. Our Glassware inventory are of the best. Whether for a wine tasting party, wedding, birthday, or just something simple. The right glassware completes the event. Call us we can help you pick the prefect glassware for your event.

Clear Wine Glass Set Clear Wine Glass Set
Tall Wine Glass Short Wine Glass Martini Glass Scotch Glass
Wine Glass Toast Whiskey Glass Short Wine Glass Hi-Ball Glass
Glassware Prices
Item Description Price Unit

Champagne flute

6.oz Stem

$ 8.00 per Dozen

10 oz. Stem 

$ 9.00 per Dozen

High ball water glass

9.oz $ 7.20 per Dozen

All purpose wine / water glass

10.oz $ 8.00 per Dozen

Wine glass

8 oz. $ 8.00 per Dozen

Signature Fine Blown Stemware 

(Wine - 8oz.; Water - 12oz.; Wine Balloon - 13oz.; Flute - 6oz; Martini) $ 9.60 per Dozen per Glassware